About Us


Established in 2003, Jumanah Foodstuff Trading is one of UAE’s leading food suppliers with a massive warehouse loaded with a wide variety of consumer goods. Food supplies, trusted quality, and excellent services are the pillars of our proud heritage. Sustainability and service keep us grounded in the presence of nature and our communities. Innovation inspirational nutrition drives our business to develop and grow.

For many years, our customers have trusted Jumana foods to process and market their livestock in a respectful way. Every day we renew our commitment to making a positive difference in every sector of our business, be it by leading the way as founding members of origin green or sharing experiences on Jumana Foodstuff on topics ranging from wholesale, export & import, distribution to waste reduction.

Our People

Our founding father started this company from scratch from then on, the company creates an open, positive, and genuinely welcoming working environment. New graduates receive access to senior management and are supported in their ambitions through personal mentors. Many of our group’s senior management team have trained and worked across all sectors of the Jumanah Foodstuff trading, from sales and operations to procurement and new product development.

Our Culture

In a challenging and dynamic environment, our philosophy is always to be ‘more than. We are more than tradition, more than quality, more than a job. Every day we are innovating with delicious, new food products and becoming leaner and more efficient to deliver the highest quality food products and branded products for our clients around UAE.

Our Procurement Team

The Jumanah Foodstuff Trading procurement team members come from FMCG backgrounds and are active people themselves. This has proven to be a very solid foundation for forming strong relationships with many suppliers and for having the precise skills required for choosing the very best stock.